This are some space textures that an anon asked me to post ;3

Hope you like it and enjoy it, remember that feedback is cool and likes are not mandatory but highly appreciated.



Texture Pack 20. [10 textures].

  • download here; please note that these textures can be downloaded individually but you can download the file by just clicking download at the top:).
  • enjoy:). and hope you like them!


Fonts Of The Week.

These are the fonts of the past week (click on the name of every font to see more details):

If you want to see more fonts go here:

Motion & Grain Effect tutorial



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Grainy black and white effect Tutorial



okay so someone asked me how i did this effect, so, um here’s an attempt of a tutorial for it.  please do note that english isn’t my native language and perfect grammar is the least of my concern (this is no essay!) haha

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regarding the new audioplayer layout


how to change it from this:


to this:


(which is still hideous but at least it’s not half cut-off, right?)

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A nice person had some questions about my lastest graphic featuring young Regina and a mighty Evil Queen. Although I answered said questions, I decided that a tutorial could help other people as well.

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(Source: queenderien)

Anonymous asked: how can i delete the background of a gif but still keep the person?


How to cut silhouettes/people (1) (2)


Interesting Patterns

Sources: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 .

Anonymous asked: how did you do your last graphic?


wellllll …



sassyswaanprimary asked: Do you know any places where I can find good brush packs? Ones that make actual brushes instead of stamps cause I find a LOT of those.


Sorry for not answering sooner, I was working all day! 

When you say “stamps”, are you talking about the actual shape of the brush? Like there’s no variation or effects, it’s just… the shape? If so, I gotta say that Deviantart is a great source (this is probably where you take your brushes too actually, like basically everybody), but you gotta look and look. I always recommend the same brush pack, so I’m sorry if you already have it, but I use this one like all the time.

What you can do, though, is play with the parameters of your brushes.

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Alright kids, today I shall teach you how to do a graphic à la Caro (i.e. fucking messy, but hopefully for you it won’t be that messy).

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Okay I hope you don’t mind me actually answering it in a post, but this is going to be kinda images heavy, so I prefer it that way. Before going any further though, I just want to say that this is my technique; I’m pretty sure a lot of people do picspam differently, but since you ask me… And my Photoshop is in French, watch out for the weird translation of certain terms (I’m sorry).

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